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When Rain Remembers
SOMETIMES LIFE FORCES US to make difficult choices. In this sequel to Heaven's Daughter, Effie's life is thrown into an upheaval she never could have imagined. Events beyond her control force her into a world where she must learn to navigate through her anger, loss, betrayal and passions. Her process is agonizing and we root for her as much as if she were our child. But she must chart her own course--and learn her own lessons.

"The author evokes an authentic sense of post-Civil War life from rural Pennsylvania to the streets of New York City. Love and honor guide the characters through challenges of personal loss and societal expectations of the time. In this hard-to-put-down novel, we become engaged in the plot and involved with the characters."
— Nancy Huppertz, M.ED. EDUCATOR,
Women’s History

"I am excited about Maggi Petton’s third book. She is an insightful writer and keeps the reader on the edge of their seats."
— Dr. Harris R. Cohen, AUTHOR, Lessons Learned:
How To Negotiate The Life You Want To Live

"WHEN RAIN REMEMBERS allows us to witness the courage of women whose journeys bring them home to themselves. In the process, they may even teach us how to face our own demons with newfound courage."
— Joanne Bodin, PhD Multicultural Studies