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Historical Fiction and Sacred Poetry—A Writers Path to the Heart


"Petton has a unique talent for detailed,
inspiring and humorous characterization."

      ——Brandon M. Stickney
            ForeWord Review


Sofia's Song by Maggi A. Petton on Amazon.comIn 2008 I was blindsided by what I can only describe as a mystical experience. Out of that intensely energizing, spiritual and strangely erotic time my first book, The Queen's Companion, was born.  Life as an acknowledged writer emerged then, too. The novels since then are less "magically" infused, but in accepting the gift, the words are given.

Sofia's Song, the sequel to The Queen's Companion, has been nearly ten years in the making.  In it we find ourselves totally immersed in the life of Sofia after she has become queen. A broken shell of a young woman, she is thrust into a role she does not want.  Part one of Sofia's Song is the journal she kept after giving birth to her own daughter. We are able to look back on The Queen's Companion through Sofia's eyes. Sofia's Song has been a labor of love, but it is a generational story of life in all of its light, gray tone and darkness.  Sofia's Song on

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